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  • Hi, Samuel Amoo I loved "Under My World" and I have nominated's a great song that has a lot of feelings and pain that you put into that song. Keep doing what you do and with God's help you will make it. Add something smooth and easy listening to keep it on the up and up. You have to slow it down sometime everything is not about thug life.... Give your audience some soul.....Your friend always...
    Marcia Outten-Robinson
    2014-09-23 22:13:46
  • Thanks Yo. I always do what I can do Best.thanks to ma fans
    Samuel Amoo
    2014-09-22 02:57:11
  • hi samuel ....its me james perry wife .....i nominate you .....great songs ...keep on going we can hear more from you ....greetz iris
    iris schoel
    2013-08-25 18:56:14
  • I love under my world . I heard you song here so I was moved to download it unfortunately I fell in love with under your world Under my world it's fair to enemies because I don't really like rap. Kudos. You're the King
    palmer micheal
    2013-08-22 18:49:38
  • Hey Nice one. Keep it up You're pretty good.I'll like to contact with you Dawg?
    James Perry
    2013-08-22 12:51:24
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